Wonderbra Black ultimate strapless bra

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Debenhams € 50.00 36B|36A|34FF|34F|34E|34DD|38G|34D|38FF|34C|38E|34A|30G|38DD|30F|38D|30E|30D|30DD|32FF|32G|38C|32F|38B|32E|36G|32DD|36FF|32C|36F|32D|36E|32B|36DD|32A|36D|30FF|36C Browse
This amazing strapless push up bra gives you lift, support and the Wonderbra cleavage effect you are looking for. Achieve just the right amount of cleavage with a lift from the unique hand support and plunging cut. Discover the newly developed silicone dot technology that provides improved breathability and long lasting non-slip support across the band.
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